PEN PALS will Warm your Heart!

Dixon (400x300)Pen Pals Inc. is a non-profit animal shelter and adoption center located in the grounds of Dixon Correctional Center in Jackson, LA. This is a moving story on how animals and people can help each other. This program started with a grant from The Humane Society of the United States and is solely operated with public donations. The program includes comprehensive training of future veterinarians in shelter environments and also provides programs promoting rehabilitation of those incarcerated at DCI.

I had the pleasure to spend some time at the facility and see this program first hand. I loved the opportunity to work on a video and show the connection that the DCI staff and inmates have with the animals in their care. To learn more about this inspiring program, visit their page at Pen Pals Inc.

Created with:

Final Cut Pro 7 (150x150)


DIXON - 2012 TELLY (200x100)

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